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I’m totally in to black bitches this period, actually it’s been a few years that I have been, ever since I fucked a chick I’ve known for a long time called Tasha, hot 29 year old black babe from Gainesville in Georgia, I really had no idea that she wanted to fuck, until a few nights back when we met up at a bar and had a few drinks and ended up at my place and spent the night fucking each others brains out! She’s married but you can say that shes single, her husband is on death row in a state prison in Alabama, so there is no risk of me getting shot because I was caught banging a hot ghetto chick! Anyways I was wondering if any of you can tell me who the bitch in the image is. I really love this ebony pornstar and I also know that she’s done some FFM all in fucking porn with another babe that is not black though, that goes by the name Pornstar Jessa Rhodes. Needless to say that everyone knows who Jessa is, so in the case that you know who this black bitch is, please send me a private message with her name as I would love to review her movies and see what shes up to these days as the video I seen of her was dated 2011, so it would also be cool to see if shes even still in the biz!

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Other than black babes I’m also collecting a lot of stuff regarding Pornstar Missy Martinez, this Latina whore is something special and when seen for the first time doing live porn over at Wildoncam.com I was totally struck on how fucking good she is when it comes down to taking the cock. She’s a permanent pornstar and live porn video maker on Cherrypimps.com as well and she is doing a lot of Live Porn Shows in the past few months and by checking out the schedules I can see that she’s booked all the way up till the end of the year.

Then there’s the cherry on the top of the cake, her name is Pornstar Hope Howell, if you don’t know who she is then I suggest that you throw yourself off a cliff, cos she happens to be one of the most popular pornstars at this time in the adult entertainment industry and is doing live porn between a porn video DVD and another.

So there you go, three pornstars, three links to their personal profile pages and a lot of info about three sluts that take cock for a living.

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That is a very big combination when I use the words Pornstars and live, these two put together is what everybody has been waiting for but in most cases have yet to see with their own lies. That is about to make a drastic change, simply because what we have here is a place called Wildoncam.com that happens to be one of the two websites that are owned by the same organization, or by the same network, that sounds better LOL, that have put together real live porn star shows, that means famous women that you have seen many times having sex on porn videos in the past and present that are now doing live porn as well as those HD quality porn videos.

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This is a brand-new concept and it will become the future of adult entertainment without doubt, this is not only on the web it is soon to be on pay TV as well, this is a great concept and after watching a couple of these Live Porn Shows myself I have convinced myself even more but this is the future of porn. How can I describe it? Well, put together the 10 best porn videos that you have ever seen in all your life and they are half as good as what you could see watching one of these live porn videos, plus you can go over there and check it out for yourself at no cost taken the free trial, so just in the case you don’t believe me you can check it out at no cost and therefore you lose nothing just maybe three minutes of your time if I were to life, which I am not, and that’s why I have been a successful editor and reviewer for many years, something because I’m not full of crap and I definitely don’t sell out to anyone no matter what the price is.

Now you know where to get your quality Pornstars shows and believe it or not at a lot lower price than you can think off, a lot lower in the price than any other network offers when it comes to life porn, and keep in mind they don’t offer you porn stars they just offer you porn and in most cases it’s some bitch that nobody knows and nobody has ever seen before.

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Choco Pornstars letting it go on webcam

So what do we have here? Some would say nothing new but lacks some would be wrong what we have here is a network that has been in the adult industry for a very long time and has produced thousands of porn videos have actually gotten those Pornstars and have moved and no place, they left them exactly where they were and where they are when they make porn videos but instead of making porn “videos” they got them to make live porn sex shows in this case as you can see they have got together the very best porn stars from the ebony community and they have had them perform in rotation as well the location ladies, and of course the Asian and Latino chicks.

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So every single one of the WebCam babes that you will see over at Cherrypimps.com are actually all 100% porn stars in many cases they are ebony, hot Choco babes that have made already several if not dozens of Ebony Porn videos each. So right there that is a guarantee itself and another good reason to click on the links that I posted and to go and check them out!

How did I find out about the? Well they just started advertising and promoting this new thing that no one else is capable of doing simply because they don’t have the resources, and like said it was advertised a place called Spugle.com and the link said: Pornstars sex shows so I clicked on it because that is definitely something that I’m interested in and that’s how it all started and that’s why I am introducing it to you today as well.

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She always felt dirty when she was fucking her white boyfriend… She wasn’t sure why. She got turned on by seeing his white cock slamming in and out of her pussy

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But the big pay off was when he came – seeing his white cock spit out white jizz all over her milky black skin!

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This is just how we like our black ghetto whores… Naked and doing our fucking laundry!

This black slut has a big old black ass!

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Next up, this black ghetto bitch will be making us a sandwich naked!

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Nina doesn’t care what color the cock is so long as it’s a cock that’s fucking her…

She starts off with a nice long blow job. His white cock was nice and large, just how she likes it; His white cock was more cock than most black cock is! She sucked it down like a good little black ghetto whore!

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He wasn’t about to say no to this black slut!

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Tanecia is a hot black slut… She loves showing off!

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Taylor is the perfect black sluthuge boobs and never ever says no… One can just imagine with tits like she has, she must have a line of men wanting to fuck her….

Instead, Taylor wants to hop in the tub to play around with men…

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This way after they cum on her huge boobs she can just wash it right off – that is, what ever jizz she doesn’t lick up!

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When we think ghetto whore this is exactly what we think of… Huge black slut with massive juggs that will do anything just to see a man naked – and loves sucking cock!

With titties like this black ghetto bitch has, she must be into titty fucking!

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Tencia is a hot black slut with the two things that all men want from a black ghetto bitch – huge titties and a willingness to fuck!

But first this big breasted black ghetto whore slut wants to titty fuck her man… And nothing gets us of like a good old fashion interacial titty fuck!

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If she keeps that smile on her face while she’s getting fucked she’ll be a black whore worth keeping – which is a first for us!