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Alix Looking Fine

Baby girl Alix came over because she wanted a piece of ma dick in her mouth and i was ready to have me a slice of that chocolate black pussy! As you can tell from this picture she has a really nice bog ass and some nice long pussy lips.I couldn’t wait until i got my dick and my tongue to lick all over that slice of ebony goodness.I took off her bottom and let the fun begin.


With her big black tits and as she fingered her clit, i moved my cock in close to her mouth.She opened up and started to suck on my long hard cock.This ebony babe has some really nice lips that wrapped around my big dick and she sucked and licked on my hard long cock wit them.


I wanted to see her nice big ass in my face so i lay down and my cock was pointing upwards.She opened up her legs and braced herself as she gently sat on my big dick and swallowed it whole with her black pussy.She started to bounce up and down and fucking on my bog cock.


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