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Big Butt and Grind

Hoo-wee do i have a really great big butt and grind adventure with Lexie that i had today! As you can see she arrived with her massive big bubble butt and she just had to show me how nice and round her ass was.She undressed and i snapped way the pictures of her hot ass teasing me.She pulled her panties down and i quickly took her indoors where i wanted to take this babe.


I instantly turned this boo around and was aroused by her big ass and pussy just staring back at me.I wanted to drive my long thick black cock down her pussy and i did just that as i held on to her and just shoved that cock inside.She enjoyed the ride and i pumped her big ass good.


She wanted me to finish with my jizz in her mouth and i had no problems with that as long as i could fill a hole up with my semen.She started to give me a blow job and lick and suck on my long black cock.Her titties bounced up and down as she bobbed her head with my cock in her mouth.


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