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Big Butt Tia

Big Butt Ti was getting ready to take a nice warm shower.She was waiting for her man to show up and she was going to surprise him by being in the shower and calling him over for some fun.She checked herself out as she undressed in front of the mirror and touched her body all the over the place to start getting into the mood.


Once inside the nice hot shower she began to lather her body up with the soap.The bubbles popping on her skin was making her feel really nice as she lathered up her pussy and she felt the soap drip all over her.She heard her man come home and she called him over to join her in the shower of love.


He got naked and just started to take control of her body.He sat down as she straddled his body and let that long cock pump her pussy from the front.He spent his time licking and sucking on those nice titties of hers as she moaned and enjoyed her ride.


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