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Denise All Smiles

Check out my baby doll Denise. I’ve been dating her for awhile now but we always have to meet at my apartment because driving through her neighborhood we get harassed.I guess they dont like the idea of this hot babe getting drilled by my fat white cock, cant we all just get along?She arrives at my flat bearing gifts which are her nice big round ass and titties that im about to touch and lick on.That not all she has some nice luscious lips ready for me.


She comes over and starts to handle my cock with both of her hands.She tells me that i have the fattest white cock she’s ever seen and thats why shes seeing me, for my dick! I dont mind because i sure love the way she wraps her lips around my cock and gets it nice and wet.She handles my dick real good and the tip of my cock gets extra special attention from her.


She always cracking a smile and it doesn’t make a difference how we do it because as long as my dick is inside of her she;s happy as can be.She sits on my cock and begins to ride me and have a wild time as her pussy gets nice and wet.I love the feeling of her ass bumping on my thighs!


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