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Diandra Gets Poked

Diandra babe is about to get poked by my thick white cock and she doesn’t even know it yet.She came in to audition for a model to our newest magazine cover and i was digging what i was seeing from her. I took a few shots that i needed of her body to show the rest of the office so we can make a decision but she started to flirt with me.She was pretty hot so i flirted back and one thing lead to another.


Pretty soon i found her naked on my bed with her legs up in the air and her nice pussy ready for my cock to go in and out of her.I pulled her closer to me and gave her exactly what she wanted when my cock started to get shoved in and out of her pussy.She was moaning and enjoying the ride with my cock.


I was doing all the work and it was time for her to get on my dick.She propped up and started to jump on my cock as my dick kept pumping that nice ebony pussy.Im pretty sure we gave her the cover but i dont quite remember because the only thing that mattered was that i fucked that nice pussy.


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