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Eve and Friend

Eve Madison and her friend like to visit Johnny whenever he’s home from work relaxing.Eve Madison knows that this long hard cock will please their pussies by eating them both out and then taking his fat cock to penetrate their holes.As Eve sat down next to the pool, she opened her legs and Johnny made his way over.He dug his head between her thighs and started to lick on her pussy with his tongue.She closed her eyes and enjoyed the good licking and sucking being given to her hot wet pussy.


Eve wasn’t greedy so she wanted her best friend to enjoy Johnny as well.She had her open her legs as Johnny came over with his stiff cock.Eve grabbed on his fat cock and started to rub it on her friends pussy to get her off.She loved the way his head felt rubbing up on her pussy and he finally took over and started pumping his dick inside of her.


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