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G String Duo

While on business in the city i was told to pick up the phone and order two of the hottest escorts in L.A right now, the G string Duo.I had never heard what these two ebony babes were capable of but once they arrived they were looking hot as fuck.With their nice plump assess sticking out i was ready for some fun and see what they were all about.


I was staying at a place that my company owns and we had a stripper pole installed.Dont ask me how that happened but the girls felt right at home as they walked over and started to do their thang.I started to undress them and see how hot they were underneath that brightly colored clothes.Once i spotted a nice pussy i dove my head in face first and started to lick on this nice juicy lips.


The girls were enjoying dancing around while i licked them from below.When they saw my big bulge in my pants they had me get up and they both kneeled down.Looks like i was about to get pleasured by the G String Duo.They took out my cock and they were pleasantly surprised at how long and thick i was.You gotta see all the horny nasty things these two hot ebony babes did to me!


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