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Jessica Fucks Great

My girl Jessica has the biggest tits and greatest ebony body you’ll ever see ion your life.Im one lucky SOB to have her around because when we get down to fucking she doesn’t play around.Today was no different as i caught her in the shower relaxing and looking ever so hot.She knew what i wanted as she looked at me with that sexy gaze and she came over to join me on the bed.


I had already gotten undressed as my hard long cock was sticking up and straight saluting her.She leaned over towards me and she took my cock into her mouth where she began to suck on my dick.She kept my cock in her mouth as she gave me the best blow job she could ever give me.


I put her on her back and got my cock ready to penetrate her nice pussy.As she held her legs up i took my stiff dick up and began to get ready to shove my cock inside of her.She leaned back and looked at me in approval as i began to pump her pussy with my big dick.


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