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Job Site Betty

Lets meet Betty and her mischievous ways! Betty was hanging around her house when she was getting really horny all of a sudden.Her husband has been doing some remodeling around the house and has lots of hired hands doing lots of hard work with heavy machinery.This makes Betty very horny and wants to go out and get fucked by these guys and their hot cocks.Betty strolls around in her bikini until she gets this lucky guys attention.He proceeds to do his job and get ready to fuck this ebony beauty.


He pulls her thong down and her nice big round ass is revealed as it pops out.Betty likes that the men enjoy her big round ass so much.She leans over to him and takes his thick dick out with her hands.She takes the head and sucks on it with her horny mouth.She makes the cock very hard and thick and she gives him a blow job out in the open!


A crowd begins to amass and she doesn’t want her husband to find out about her cheating ways so she pulls the dude over to the outside courtyard where they will have some more privacy. She places her thick round ass towards him as he places his hands on her back and he begin to pump her wet horny pussy with his cock.She screams and moans in pleasure.


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