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Keisha Kane Pleasures

Keisha Kane was acting very horny as she laid out by the pool.She couldn’t help herself that she hadn’t been fucked by her man T Bone in quite awhile.She thought he was out banging other girls but she didnt want to bring it up.As she lay outside she started to have a very wet fantasy about getting penetrated by a stiff hard cock.She did the only thing she could think of as she took out her fat vibrator dildo which she would use on herself.


She licked and sucked on the toy thinking it was a cock that she was about to get pleasured by.She turned it on full blast and the cock was moving in different ways.She kept it in her mouth and then peeled off her bikini bottom as she teased her pussy lips with the toy.She couldn’t take it anymore and she wanted dto fuck herself so badly.


She laid on her back and she opened up her legs to take the big dildo inside of her.She shoved it in a dn out as she pleasured herself and it got very wet and horny inside of her pussy.She hit the right spots and she exploded with cum as she had an orgasm.


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