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Lacey Duvall Fuck

I was finally able to get a date hooked up with the hot and horny Lacey Duvall.Let me tell you that she’s one hot fuck that everyone wants to go out with.I wasnt disappointed and was able to capture all the sexy moments as she fucked my big black cock.I didnt ease up on her when we were supposed to jump in the shower i took the opportunity to fuck this big breasted babe.I started to finger her pussy and lick her all over to get her into a romantic feeling.


She was getting very wet and hot by the second and once she saw my big cock rising she had me stop and lay back.She took my cock with both hands and started to put it in her mouth as she started to give me a blowjob and take my cock fully inside.Her mouth was very wet and her lips were juicy and wrapped around my cock tightly.She was sucking on my cock and it felt really good to have this black babe on my cock.


When all was said and done the best part was when she jumped on the horse and began to ride my cock.My big long fat dick was penetrating her pussy and it was very snug around the pussy lips.She hopped up and down as my cock kept going in deeper and deeper.


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