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LaLa and her big ass

Lala is a big booty bitch that likes to hang out with random friends and pleases herself and her hosts.Today she joined her friend Javier at his upscale pool.LaLa didn’t know it at the time but she would have to pay an entrance fee to Javier for using his pool.Luckily Lala knows this situation all to well and offers up her kick ass big booty as payment.


She also wants to chip in a little extra since she’s having a great time at the pool and decide to give Javier the full treatment.She suck on his long dick and gives him a very appreciative and wet blow job.As he leans back and enjoys her lips wrapped around his thick long cock.


He gets up to finish charging her the payment and penetrates her pussy with his dick>Back and forth he moves his hips and rams that pussy open as the head of his tip pushes through her pussy lips into the wet sticky vaginal chasm.


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