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Mahia Hot Cheeks!

Today we have something special for you guys and her name is Mahlia. Mahlia has an ass to die for… I mean a super sexy hour glass figure, hot sexy tits and a pussy that will be embedded in your brain once you see it….


She’s here to show us how sexy she is by fucking one of our boys. She told us that she’s the best fuck in town so we thought we’d put her to the test!


She definitely has the body to back that up, but we’ll see how good her pussy is soon!

hot-cheeks-roundandbrown-mahlia2-262 hot-cheeks-roundandbrown-mahlia2-274

She made quick work of his cock getting him nice and hard fast! She couldn’t swallow all of his cock into her little mouth, but she tried! And he ass is even hotter than we thought!

hot-cheeks-roundandbrown-mahlia2-352 hot-cheeks-roundandbrown-mahlia2-367

Her pussy being nice and shaved was a nice touch and my boy says her pussy was super tight! He’s got a pretty big cock, but he said her pussy was like butter! She wouldn’t let him fuck her ass because his cock was too big, but he didn’t care! Her tight pussy made him cum pretty fast and she even sucked his cock dry when he came!

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