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Mecca Gets Dirty

Meccas was horny for some thick white dick so guess who the lucky guy that got a text is? that’s right i was able to get my dick inside of this ebony slut and have some good fun.She wanted to pose for me while i touched on my dick and she was doing a fine job of that.She wore a bikini and i saw that her nipples were very hard and ready for some sexual stimulation from me.When she saw me looking at her nips she slipped them out and i was able to see them in full vision.


I jumped straight on the counter and over her body.I took out my fat dick and pointed it downwards as she opened her ebony mouth and began to suck on me.I then started to jack hammer her mouth with my cock and she was gagging for air because i was mouth fucking her real good.


Time for an ebony pussy to enjoy my dick! I lay down and she straddled my body with her pussy open and dripping wet with pussy juice.She gyrated her hips and sat on my cock as my thick prick penetrated her ebony pussy.I held on to her ass and started to pull her towards my cock to begin to fuck her faster and faster.


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