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My Girl Kanesha

My girl Kanesha is one sexy bitch.I just got a new camera and i wanted to record our hot fuck sessions that we usually have in the back yard by the pool after work.My babe is hot and i love filming her get naked and skinny dip.Just look at those delicious perky tits. I couldn’t stand it any longer as i recorded her touch on her tits and take a dip in the water.


I followed her in and then cornered her by the edge of the pool.I lifted her up and she laid back with her legs spread open because she knew what was about to come.I leaned in between her legs and her nice ebony pussy lips were staring back at me.I had no choice but to start licking on those delectable soft taco lips.I flicked my tongue and made this babe so horny that she started to pinch on her nipples.


When she was hot and wet as fuck i decided to go one step further and not just simply fuck her pussy.No, i wanted to take my long fat cock and penetrate that hole with it.Her anal hole was so tight that i had to lift her legs all the way up and i shoved my cock in.She started moaning and i started to jack hammer that ass hole with my fat black cock.


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