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Nyla for fun

Wow Nyla has a really big butt that i just wanted to hold on to and play with all day long.This sexy Ebony bitch was ready to get fucked by my thick cock and i wanted to pump that dick deep inside of her pussy and her mouth.All i had to do was convince her to want to get that dick inside of her.I know i can work my charm and make her horny too.


I teased and played with her nice big butt and pulled down her bikini bottom.I was able to get a closer look at her blackberry pussy that looked delicious and i wanted to lick and suck on.Once she saw my dick standing up she pulled her top down and took that cock in her mouth.


By this time i could feel her black pussy just dripping wet and horny for my cock.I opened up her legs wide and stuck my long rod inside of her.She enjoyed taking in my stiff dick and i started to pump her pussy good!


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