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Oil The Hot Babe

Kyra was a hot and horny ebony babe that wanted dto come over for a good time.I flirted with her and told her that the only good time i would want is to oil up her sexy body out by my pool.She agreed and she even brought the bottle of oil with her! As i began to undress her and oil up that sexy body i was getting very horny to fuck her.


We needed up at the pool and before i knew it she was bending over with my cock in her mouth.She started to give me a blow job and jacking me off as her oiled up hands were doing a great job of keeping my cock nice and hard for her mouth.


That was a massive great blowjob.I wanted dto see if i can go farther so i grabbed her by her hips and had her sit on my cock. I shoved my dick into her wet pussy and away we went.She was bouncing up and down with my cock getting slippery and wet.


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