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Black Slut Loves White Cock

Latona was the type of black hottie who loved the cock… She was a slave to the cock and she didn’t care what she was fucking so long as she was getting fucked…

Her favorite was riding cock… She could mount and ride cock all day long!

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He loved fucking black chicks… And her loved how Latona had perky little boobies – and how they bounced up and down while she got fucked!

Two Black Whores

They were two hot black whores, and they knew it. They came, did their job, and hoped they could get off in the process.

Today they had too much man to handle, and it was going to take both of them to suck him off…. They had to do their best!

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When his cock exploded, it was more jizz than two men usually make… And they each got a shot of jizz to swallow down!

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Ghetto Black Whore Rides Stud

She was a black ghetto whore through and through, and she knew this was as good as it was gonna get. But it was okay with Yolanda as long as she had someone to give her attention…

If she had to suck off cock to do it, so be it.

And she knew how to suck cock perfectly for a black ghetto whore!

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Once she was on top of him… She was in control – and she was fucking him!

It was time for this black ghetto slut to get off!

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She Loves Sucking Cock

She knew she was gonna go it and that was a fact. She was just too good looking to say no to. She could have any man she wanted.

And she didn’t even have to suck cock either -but secretly she liked sucking cock. She got off on having his man hood in her mouth for her to control, if only briefly!

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She made his little white cock nice and hard – because she was used to huge black cock and she need to have her black pussy filled up!

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Ghetto Slut Fucks White Cock

Tony had a hot body. She had always liked white cock, but never really had the chance to get fucked by one… Until she met Tony!

He wanted to fuck her with her glasses on!

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He fucked her so hard that she kept loosing her balance… His cock was strong and thick and too much for this black chick to handle!

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Sucking And Fucking Giant Black Cock

Veronica was one of those chicks who liked cock and didn’t care when or where or who. So long as she had a cock in her mouth to keep her busy, she didn’t care.

She was a good little cock sucker too. She got down on her knees without complaint, grabbed his cock with her hand, and took his black cock in her mouth to suck off!

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His cock was already hard… And it fit perfectly in her tight black pussy!

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Super Thick White Cock

Ben came up in the pool behind her and wrapped his arms around her. All Tayna felt was his thick cock… And in an instant she knew she was going to have his huge white cock in her mouth!

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When it came down to it, having a white cock this big in her mouth was turning her on!

Of course the more she sucked him off the harder his cock got!

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She took his cock from behind on the pool deck – just like the black slut she is!

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Playing With Huge Black Titties

Shanice was above him trying riding him and he was having a blast… She was doing all the work, and all he was doing was laying there. In fact, he was laying there just playing with her huge black titties… It was the perfect summer day for him!

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Then she flipped around so her tits weren’t facing him any more… But it didn’t matter. He was ready to cum anyhow!

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Thick White Cock

Leilan knows what’s good for her when it comes to cock… She knows that color doesn’t matter – it’s all about size and the motion of the ocean. Or, according to Leilan, how much of his cock will take it take to fill her mouth!

She’s never problems with white meat until she tried to suck down Richard’s cock.

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His cock was bigger than most brothers – and thick too!

But she’s still willing to suck it down!

First White Cock

Jazmine is the kind of chick that never says no… And when it comes to sex, she’ll try anything… But this was her first white cock. She was ready to let it fly!

She sucked him down quickly!

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And then she sat on his white cock while still standing up, with her huge black titties hanging down!

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