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Show me That Ass

The beautiful thing i love about ebon women is that they have really great and thick assess.I teach at a middle school and i come across some really hot moms that are still young and have banging bodies.Take Simone for instance, her son is a brat but i love to get her into my office to set up some nice fuck sessions with her and her bubble butt.


We meet on a weekend at my place and she shows up with her perfect body.She takes her top off and i walk over behind her and start to massage her nice breasts.Those tits were feeling great in my hands but what i really wanted was to slap that great big ass.She turns around and pulls her pants out as her round ass pops out and im ready for some fun.


I have her come over my body and start to suck on my cock while i play with her big butt and enjoy myself.I lick on her pussy and finger her anal hole while i slap and lick on her round big butt.She gives ne some great head with this thick luscious lips of hers!


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