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Sistas getting lucky

Erika and Candice like to get some pussy action on the down low.these two hot sexy ebony babes are very horny for some female pleasure and will do just about anything to get some orgasms coming out of their very eager clits.Undressed and ready for fun the girls take a few before snapshots before they mess up each others hair.


They love to make out and interlock their tongues.Get them nice and wet and taste each others mouths.As the Sistas get hornier they start to squeeze and tug on their nipples.this makes them very sensitive to the slightest tough and helps them achieve maximum orgasm as they get ready to use their pussies.


Looks like Erika is about to use one of the big gun toys!She pulls out a very large and in charge purple cock that she rubs on her pussy.making sure it gets teased and wet she then stuffs that dildo in and out of her ebony black pussy as they both cum all over each other.


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