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Stacie Lane Fun

Check out this hot black ghetto bitch Stacie and her confidence? She knew i would get so hot and horny once i saw her sexy ebony ass leaning back on my bar and showing me her horny hot body.Well she was right because my dick sprung up and i couldn’t wait to fuck this hot babe as soon as i could get my hands on her.


Stacy lane opened up her legs for me and to me that was an invitation to stick my cock inside of her nice wet hole! Not so fast. she told me as she took out my dick and let it go straight to her mouth where she started to lick on the dick and get it nice and wet.She opened up her whole mouth and gave me a great blowjob that made me shudder at how great it felt.


Now it was finally time for my favorite part, the part where i get to stick my hard cock inside of her pussy.I turned her around and started to pump my dick inside of her hole.She was moaning and greeting my cock with her pussy as she lunged back towards me so my dick could go deeper inside of her.


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