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Tawny Has Arrived

Tawny has arrived and she arrive to take my cock to a whole nutha level!This babe promised to give me the fuck of my life as i met her at the club the previous night and coxed her into arriving at my place to show me how she do.Baby boo arrived ready and she wasnt playing around as she stripped down and her tits were on full display for me to marvel at.


She opened up her mouth and my cock just slid into it.She grabbed my thick dick and pumped it a few times with her hands as the tip of my cock just barely fit into her mouth.She was taking my cock in and out of her mouth and stroking me nice and good.She was doing a really great job of working my cock.


I finally had to turn her big beautiful black ass around and my dick was starving for that pussy.As i took my cock and placed it in her pussy she winced and i pulled back but she told me to shove my thick muscle inside of her and i did just that!


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