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Taylore Star gets busy

Taylore Star was in the house recently.Man, did she let her presence be known up in this mutha! This beautiful black ghetto bitch loves to fuck on white dicks and step out of the box for awhile.She always wears a skimpy bikini that usually always ends up getting ripped off of her when its time to fuck.


One thing we like about this black ghetto bitch is that she sure aint shy to tell us exactly what she wants done to her.She practically grabbed us by the hairs in our heads and forced us to go down on her black pussy.Of course we didn’t mind, but we thought we were going to be in charge when fucking her!


When she was up to it and satisfied with her pussy getting licked, it was our turn to have those thick black lips wrapped all around our dicks.She sucked and got those juicy wet lips all messy with our dick juice!


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