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Tease The Pool boy

Ariana was always getting horny for her hot looking pool boy.She never had a chance to really show him how hot she thought he looked until her husband went away on a business trip.That Tuesday when he arrived she was sure to lay out in her hot bikini showing him her ass and teasing him to come over.He finally had the nerve and walked over to her as he rubbed his hands on her nice round ass.She moaned and invited him indoors to continue the session.


She looked him in the eyes as she rubbed his cock wit her hands.She could feel him get harder and rise up. His bulge got very thick and hard and she knew she was ready to take him on. What she didnt know was that he had a huge cock and she had to open wide to take him in as she gave him a blowjob.


She then sat on his body and his cock was sticking straight up.She let that dick slide right into her pussy and she bounced up and down pleasing the dick. She had a fun time as her ass bounced and his cock went deeper and deeper inside of her.


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