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Wet That Ass

Laniqua was ready to get her nice big ass wet with some white juice.She came over to my buddies house because she knew he had the longest cock that would bypass that nice round bubble butt and go deep inside of her pussy.She teased him outside by the pool as he handled his cock and got it rock hard to fuck her.


They went inside and he sat down as he instructed her to come over and ride on his cock.He didnt have to tell her twice.Once she saw his long thick dick sticking up she jumped up top and began to ride on the cock.The long dick went straight up into that hot pussy and he pumped her from below.


They changed positions a few times as he got her on her side and pushed his cock deep inside of her.He pumped that pussy and fucked her nice and good until it was time for his cock to explode with semen.He shot his white milky residue all over her nice big ass.


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