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Wet That Ass

Tina wanted me to wet that nice round ass. We were having a great day outside by the pool and it just turned into an unbearable hot day.We started to fool around with the water hose as i turned it on and the water splashed all over her big round ass.It got that booty nice and wet and she got horny from the thought of it.


She got so horny in fact that she took my jeans off to suck on my cock.With her juicy lips she made my dick grow large and in charge and she swallowed it in.She shoved her face in and out as my cock would disappear before my eyes and into her mouth.


We ran inside once i wanted to get my cock inside of her.I held on to her ass and shoved my cock inside of her sideways.She enjoyed getting pumped by my long dick and i enjoyed getting my cock wet with her nice pussy juice.


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