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What is it with Black Babes and not wanting it up the ass?

I have dated a couple of black Pornstars during my lifetime, and both of them for some reason when we had sex did not want it up the ass. I thought to myself that they are paid porn models and I had no idea that off the set they did not want it up the back door. But that wasn’t just it, other black girls that I have dated also have always refused to let me fuck them up the ass. So if there is anyone else out there that has had the same issues it would be great to hear back from you and therefore post in the comments if you have been unlucky as I have.


where I really wanted to get to today is to talk to you about this College Porn Links website, something very exciting to say the least, it is a great concept, what they post or videos that have never been shown the web before, unseen scenes and of course amateur videos that were lost and now are found.

Then I just wanted to keep you updated on this other website that offers Naked Girls photographs, the unique thing about this is that the photographs have been taken within the past week or even less.

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